Weddings and Family

Enriching family life…

We strongly believe in the value of marriage and secure family units. The Bible shows us how God values committed relationships, and marriage is the best way to express covenant commitment. At River of Life, we encourage healthy marriages, through conducting weddings, The Marriage Course and couples evenings, where husbands and wives can help each other through many aspects of relationships – communication, sex, parenting, finances, disagreements, in-laws etc

We’re also available for Pastoral counselling or just to meet up for a chat, to help couples through difficult times. We also see the value of singleness – there’s a tendency often for singles to feel as though all they’re good for is to baby sit for families, but we see singleness as just as important a state of being as being married. Singles often have a lot more freedom and energy to devote to being great friends and leading others.

Raising children is usually a stressful job! We provide advice and encouragement to parents and carers who find the task sometimes overwhelming – you’re not alone!

If you’d like more information on what the River of Life can offer to enrich your singleness, marriage or family, we’re here to help. Please contact Pastor Mark Smith on 01387 830229, 07710 111727 or

Weddings and more…

Mark Smith, our Senior Pastor, is appointed as the approved marriage celebrant for the River of Life Church, assisted by Paula Floyd. They are available to conduct marriage ceremonies in Dumfries, Gretna Green and venues around Dumfriesshire. They are delighted to help couples marry in the sight of God and man, even if they’re not Church-goers.

Click here for a typical marriage ceremony. This is a starting point; we’re happy to create a ceremony which reflects the things couples want to say to each other.

Many couples are reluctant to book a minister for their wedding, thinking that if they’re not religious, it would be hypocritical to ask a minister to marry them in a ‘religious’ ceremony. Some couples think a minister may be condescending or distant towards someone who is not a Church-goer. The reality is far from that! Our approach isn’t alien or uncomfortable and the ceremony uses meaningful language, giving couples the chance to add elements to make it just the way they want. People can take photographs or video through the service – so everyone can enjoy those really significant moments for years to come. A typical ceremony takes 10 to 15 minutes, and can be tailored to your specific desires.

We also conduct marriage blessing/renewal of vows ceremonies, baby blessing/naming etc.

If you’re interested in having Mark or Paula help you get married in Dumfriesshire, please contact Pastor Mark Smith on 01387 830229, 07710 111727 or

Message from Senior Pastor; Mark Smith